How I overcame writers block?

Creative office space

For the past years I have been having severe writers block. I sat down – grabbed a paper and pen – and tried to write. Or I sat down – and opened a new WordPress page to start, only to realize that my “great” idea was far gone. Why was it so hard for me to write about design or visually share my passion?

In my full-time job I work with marketing and communication so writing is a big part of my job. Yet though, I was always still struggling to share my thoughts here with you. Something that before used to come natural to me. Not because I had to, but purely because I loved what I did and really wanted to. In fact my blog and the fun I have had with it is the reason why I work with digital marketing today.

The past weeks I have been thinking much more about this creative block and started to realize these two things: it was never about not knowing how to communicate my passion- it truly came down to procrastination and a need to get everything perfect.

How am I tackling it?


This is a huge concept and for anyone wanting to keep their blog up and running procrastination is a hinder. It is the same thing that happens when my pile of clean (not folded yet) clothes of laundry are stacked up.

The solution to this lays in having a set routine both on time and where to write. Lets say that twice a week I know that my partner is out for evening classes – then that is my window to write. Also having a dedicated area set up for writing allows me to come home, make a nice cup of tea and then head straight into my office for an hour writing. (Stay tuned for updates on this)

Perfection vs imperfection 

I have voiced out many times here on the blog that “imperfection makes perfect” and I believe in that as well. I do think that the online blogging world has headed way too much in to the “perfection route”. With perfection comes pressure, and suddenly it hit me that I am feeling blocked to communicate my ideas due to being scared of not getting it right.

Of course being a design blog I myself can also be to blame for this “perfection world” since every home I show is spot on gorgeously styled. But this blog was never about seeking perfection. It was a platform to learn, network, grow and have fun.

The solution here is to follow one of my mentors tips earlier from last week – just write! Don’t think too much! Just write, explore and publish. And repeat.

There is a kind of beauty in imperfection – Conrad Hall

What now?

Understanding that what stops me from blogging is procrastination and the fear of not getting all the posts to perfection will help me to overcome my writers and creative block. I will keep on exploring with the blog and hopefully learn a few new things as well as meeting new talented people that inspires. And as a last note I will do like Conrad Hall said and to remember that there is a beauty in the imperfection way as well.

See below for 5 things that inspires me to write at the moment…

Creative office space

Credit: Cate Hill 


5 Things that inspires me to blog right now

With my new found passion of blogging again I have set up a “How to Start a Design Blog” step by step tutorial. Hopefully this will help someone who is looking to share their passion project online.


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