Rustic Scandinavian Interior design – Top 5 Tips

rustic Scandinavian interior design

Rustic Scandinavian Interior design is loved by the home décor devotees for its aesthetically appealing look. And if you ask me, a Rustic Scandinavian interior design style is one of the most inviting interior designs as it emphasizes on a cozy home story.

——– Yep…I am of course biased with my Scandinavian born side speaking here.

But…what is a rustic Scandinavian decor?

It is a style that focuses on creating a home environment more inviting with injecting comfy and rural accents which are juxtaposed with the Scandi simplicity mindset.

Here, you will see a mix of old and new, together with a dominance of reclaimed wood, the use of a warm earthy color palette, and textures like rattan and wicker, combined with a massive inflow of lights.

Rustic Scandinavian décor reflects simplicity and functionality that comes with some elements of the more Scandinavian minimalist interior design.

This Rustic style though is usually seen in Nordic cottages but suits even homes and apartment living. It is all about what type of story you want to tell in your home.

To make it simple, take a normal Scandinavian interior design style and add some layers of older elements and a more cottage “feel” and voila – that is a take on this more Rustic style.

I have added five tips together with some stunning photos from homes, that hopefully helps guiding you through this style. And if you are still not inspired enough, then I recommending checking our other Scandinavian interior design blogs, and their inspiring photos.

Let’s check them out below together! 

Rustic Scandinavian decor

Credit: Alvhem

Tip#1: Declutter the House First

Clutter undermines the beauty of an interior design and there is no space for clutter especially when you are planning to get a Rustic Scandinavian interior design.

Therefore, the first step on the journey is to declutter the house. An overstuffed room hinders the functionality of a house and makes it less comfy. So, just declutter the house first!

Tip#2: Include More Elements of Wood

A rustic Scandinavian interior design has many traces of wood. Wood is used in the form of furniture, wooden floor tiles, wooden accent walls, wooden work at the ceiling, wooden carvings, wooden decorative pieces, and more.

You may also choose to do the woodwork along the wall to engage the vertical space for storage and decoration to get a classy rustic Scandinavian decor.

Rustic Scandinavian living room
Rustic Scandinavian decor bedroom doors

Credit: Alvhem

Tip#3: Rustic Scandianvian Decor Needs An Earthy Color Palette

The rustic Scandinavian interior design looks more cozy and alluring due to its obsession with earthy tones.

In fact, the rustic  Scandinavian decor is fanatical with a distinctive color palette that has more earthly colors. You can create a perfectly appealing look by using these type of colors for your rustic Scandinavian décor. You may choose from reddish browns, a variety of shades of oak,  greens, brick red, tans, warm grays, and brown oranges, and more. These shades create a rustic look that serves in enhancing the beauty of the Scandinavian interior design.

Rustic Scandinavian interior design
Rustic Scandinavian decor

Credit: Alvhem

Tip#4: Incorporate Indoor Plants

Incorporating indoor plants becomes essential when it comes to getting this décor style. You will surely find lush green plants in a rustic Scandinavian home. You may bring snake plant, Monstera, orchid plant, golden pothos, peace lilies, or any other indoor plant to your home.

Rustic Scandinavian decor plants
Rustic Scandinavian decor plants

Credit: Historiska Hem

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Tip#5: Create an Appealing Artificial Lighting Plan!

The rustic Scandinavian décor is brighter! The lighting plan plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of a Scandi home. Allow for proper lighting is something you cannot miss if you want this look and feel.

The style comes with bright artificial and natural lighting to create an added layer of interest, light, and hope to the home. You can make your interior design brighter with a combination of sunlight and an appealing artificial lighting plan. For this, you may add vintage lamps, rustic chandeliers, fire mantles, avoid curtains in your windows and much more.

So just focus on magnifying the flow of light to add more luxury to your rustic Scandinavian décor.

Rustic Scandinavian interior design
Rustic Scandinavian interior design

Credit: Alvhem

So what do you think, will you be trying any of these tips in your new space to create that cozy and oh so Scandinavian style?


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