Hygge Style Your Home Decor – 10 Tips

Hygge lifestyle

You probably have already come across the concept of Hygge – a wellbeing and contentful way of living.

Around 7 years ago, or even more, this word went from being almost only known to the Danes and the Scandinavians, to now being a common lifestyle word even in US and UK.

In fact if we check Google trends we can see that the interest for Hygge has been there the past years.

Usually Hygge trends in the end and start of the year – which usually are the more colder months around the world. Those months when a Hygge lifestyle can really help to inspire a more contentful and cozy life. While winter months might be more of a time to do cozy activities, for the Danes Hygge is not only for winter months but is a cultural identity all year round.

Hygge lifestyle

Credit: Cottonbro

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a state of the mind concept which aims to provide happiness, and contentful feelings and a feel good vibe.

This happiness and feel good vibes is combined with a relaxed and calming feeling. It is about feeling that your home is a safe zone, a relaxed place that brings happiness and joy and that you are sharing with the people you love.

The concept also encourages you to be present in the moment, and enjoy the small things in life. All from baking bread, to drinking that tea slowly and listening to the wood stove making its sounds. Which means that this concept is not just about an interior setting but is a cultural identity that goes beyond that.

The concept derived sometime in the 18th century and was first a loan word from the Norwegian language where Hygge purely means cozy. The Danes transformed this loan word and cozy word into far more than just a cozy thing – but instead created a full blown lifestyle of it that focuses on the above feelings of wellbeing and meaning.

Again, while the Danes might have claimed this with a cool word, my Swedish up bringing has a lot of cozy factors and hygge into it as well, but we refer it to “mys”.

My Hygge Story & Home

Living abroad in a much warmer climate has made me also realize how strong our up bringing was on making everything cozy.

Wether it was bringing friends over for a comfortable Friday evening, or getting invited to a friends breakfast morning. Or just hanging out by myself by the TV, looking at my favourite show with my favorite snacks and blankets.

Even though I now, live in a warmer climate the mindset of having it Hygge both through my interior but also through my life wether it is a cozy walk with my family, or incorporating candles in my decor, is super important to me. It provides meaning to my life and surrounding.

hygge home

Some asked questions:

Is Hygge still a thing?

How do you practice Hygge?

Where do you buy Hygge decor online?

Hygge Home Decor Style

Here I have collected 10 tips on how to Hygge style your home decor today. 

#1 Calmness and Clutter free space

To start this list the top most important thing to start with to get a hygge home decor is to create a calm and clutter free space.

Use a simple, warm and light color palette together with natural textures and plenty of stream lined storage.

This will help you to create the foundation of a Hygge home and allow your thoughts to be focused on the present and now and not on the un organized looking room.

The word we are after here is…Peacefulness!

Hygge home decor tidy home

Photo credit Karolina Grabowska 

#2 Cozy up with candles

Adding candles or even (battery driven candles) adds warmth and a cozy vibe. Here there is almost no rule, the more the merrier.

So yes…you can go wild, but remember to keep things organized at the same time, to not create too much clutter that can add on stress.

I personally like to create small candle areas, example by using trays, block candles, and also other candle holders.

Let that magically candle glow calm you down!

A tip here is

If you have pets or children even going for some battery driven candles in nice lanterns and candle holders will give you a nice effect.

Hygge home candle collection

Photo credit Elly Fairytale

#3 Bring the outdoor in

Getting a close feeling to nature and bringing in elements from the outdoor, comes no surprise to a Scandinavian interior design style. And same goes to get the Hygge style.

By incorporating natural elements and bringing in green plants into your space, you will create a space that reminds you of the flow and ease of nature. All that brings a feeling of freedom, hope, growth and nurturing.

A tip here is

Do your research before getting plants in. Make sure that you do not spend 200 dollars on something that you do not even have the right space or light for.

For me, I am all about plants that are cheap, and easy to maintain. Example succulents, cactus and snake plants – all that goes very well in my humid climate. (On another note, not so great with pets I have heard, luckily my dog is not curious about plants at all).

Hygge home decor with green plants

Photo credit Tiia Pakk 

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#4 Inviting bed for lazy slow times

Make sure to spend time creating a bedroom that encourages you to have lazy Sunday mornings and early evenings for reading.

Having a clean, warm, cozy and inviting bedroom and bed will for sure be the constant reminder that life is not about rushing. It is about enjoying the small moments in life, even if it means that you linger in bed 30 minutes more during those weekends.

A tip here is

Invest in your bed: your mattress, your pillows and blankets. Layer your bedding in an imperfect kind of way, to create a lush and inviting feeling. Use different textures to create depth and to give it a warm yet clean feeling.

Don’t forget those chunkier trows during winter for those colder day reading times.

Hygge home decor cozy bed

Photo credit Daria Shevtsova 

#5 Display your family memories

A Hygge home is all about sharing the home with the people you love. It can be good friends or family.

Not only does a Hygge home want to share the space and make it inviting with others: this type of style also want to highlight and display family memories.

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Wether it is the old candle holder you inherited or a gallery wall mixed with your mothers paintings, grandparents wedding photos and other art forms that shares your family and friends past story.

Let your home be a connection between your past and future!

Hygge home decor family memories

Photo credit Rachel Claire 

#6 Encourage baking

A Hygge home is not complete without a focus on baking and cooking food. This is not your fast type of baking but emphasize is here on enjoying it slowely while having that contentful and enjoyable feeling.

It is not so much about the outcome, instead focus is on the enjoyable process…

A tip here is

Invest in some beautiful ceramic baking trays that you can have on display on your open shelving, placed next to your favorite inspiring Scandianvian cook books.

Hygge home decor baking

Photo credit Nicole Michalou 

#7 Cozy Zones

Creating different cozy zones throughout your space, that reminds you to calm down, or do your cozy hobby is common in these interior settings.

These cozy areas does not have to be actual rooms but can be placed in small nooks of your home. Let the creativity shine.

A tip here is

Create a cozy reading corner with cushions on the floor and a simple covered mattress. Add some cozy lighting on top and you have a small little reading or journaling area.

Hygge home decor create cozy zones

Photo credit cottonbro 

#8 Add cozy lights

Focus on adding cozy lights throughout your home. If you have the option even go for dimmers as that will help you to create the different moods you are after.

Hygge home decor cozy lights

Photo credit Nadine Wuchenauer 

#9 Create a spa styled bathroom

Indulging in your well being and self-care is on the top list of the Hygge mindset. Create a bathroom that inspires a spa style. Wether you have the chance to go all out with renovating an actual spa like room, or by adding a few details in your bathroom that reminds you of that feeling.

Example, lush Egyptian cotton towels, a tray table on the side of your bath tub to place your book, candle and warm tea. And a pretty lush shower curtain and some hanging plants.

Hygge bathroom

Photo credit Taryn Elliott 

#10 Ample of cushions and throws

No Hygge interior is complete without scattering plenty of cushions on your sofa and/or as floor seating. And let’s not forget the chunky or soft and cozy throws that you will use for the colder evenings.

A tip here is

Buy a basket that you can store your stunning extra throws and pillows in. Ready to be used for those evenings in when family and friends pop by.

Hygge cushions nook

Photo credit Rachel Claire 

I hope you like this Hygge home decor style list. In our space we are now focusing on creating a more Spa like relaxed bath decor together with creating those small Hygge zones throughout our space.

QUESTION: What Hygge things will you incorporate into your home?

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