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Scandinavian light blue kitchen
Swedish white pantry

“Highlight items in your home that makes you feel good”

It is another beautiful week filled with new creative opportunities. And today we are touring another neat Swedish inspiring apartment.

An apartment that at a first glance reminded me of how easy it is to make your home feel good, by highlighting objects in your home that gives you that feeling. And eliminating items, that gives you a negative feeling.

As in fact, keeping things that you feel annoyed by or that negatively impacts you in any way, will play a major part on how you not only feel in your space. But what you are doing in your space as well.

Without getting to deep on this topic, let’s enjoy all the stunning photos and the imaginary story together with the collected Key Take Aways from this space….

The Imaginary Story

This is a home that inspires the homeowner of systems and feel good habits. Wether that may be doing a daily clean up routine or reminding them that Friday will come, and that oh so enjoyable wine will be tasted.

The weekly wine is balanced with their eager to cook healthy using herbs during the week. All which are nicely decorated within the kitchen to inspire to be used.

The light and fresh color palette gives this space a feel that there is an importance in keeping this neat and ordered. And the simple color palette will help them and encourage to do so.

Key Take Away

  • Skip upper cabinets in your kitchen and instead opt to highlight some of your inspiring objects
  • Paint or select another kitchen cabinet color instead of the traditional white (Select a color that gives you that feeling you are after)
  • Add fresh herbs to inspire a healthier diet
  • Invest in pretty every day cleaning materials that can be displayed out (like this you will not forget to dust off since the pretty duster is kindly looking at you with a “hey don’t forget me” kinda look)
  • Have a section in your bedroom where you can hang tomorrows clothes or your favorite piece of clothing that inspires

Happy creative week!

Swedish blue contemporary kitchen
Wine rack decor idea

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Swedish blue kitchen interior with subway tiles
Pretty cleaning equipment
swedish bedroom interior


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Credit: Kvarteret Mäkleri


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