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Swedish white creative interior
Rustic swedish kitchen

“Let the original story of the space shine”

We are starting this week with focusing on the importance of allowing your space history to shine.

Not every space, or budget is allowing a total renovation of a space. If your new home has good bones and features that speaks the story of the space, then keep it. Don’t force a new design or a new kitchen in just becasue you think it is what everyone else would have done.

Instead…step back…look at your space. What is it saying? What of the bones of the space is still good and intact? What can be revamped?

Not only will this type of process save you money, it will also make sure that we are doing our best in making environmental decisions. Far too many times I am hearing or seeing lovely older kitchen cabinets being totally thrown away when they in fact could have been repainted instead.

The Imaginary Story

This is a space that still remembers who it were before the current owners moved in to it. They seem to have kept many of the original features and elements of the space while at the same time bringing in some freshness into it.

The rustic kitchen speaks – the heart of the home. And the day bed sofa highlights yet again the wonder of a simple material like wood, how beautiful things can come out of it.

Key Take Away

  • Keep some of the history from your space – let it still remember who it was before you moved in
  • Think about what actually still works in a space – before going all in on your renovations. If it still works for you and is up to the standards – keep and revamp!
  • Bring in new fresh stain less steel kitchen appliances for an updated look and feel
  • Mix and match woods
  • Create mood board wall – let your creativity blossom throughout the day

Happy creative week!

Swedish creative interior
Swedish creative kitchen

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Swedish white interior
Swedish interior bedroom
Swedish interior bedroom


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Swedish kitchen interior
Swedish creative interior
Swedish interior sofa bed
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Swedish white interior

Credit: Kvarteret Mäkleri


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