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Beige swedish bedroom interior
Beige gray bedroom interior

“Keep only what means something to you. Even if it might not be the most useful thing you have”

Happy week creative friends!

This week we are starting it with an apartment that both feels minimal but on the other hand very curated with the owners beloved objects.

When it comes to having a minimal space or not, this is something up to each ones belief and wishes. And that can easily get detected what is important to one self after doing a vision board.

———— For me, while I am striving to have a more simple outlook on both life and my interior, I do tend to like spaces where some story and warmth is added in, by incorporating some objects with a story to them.

Example, vintage art or a handy down from someone in your family. All juxtaposed with more streamlined contemporary furniture.

With that being said, I am currently reading a book called “Stuffocation – Living More with Less” that is inspiring me to even remove some of the more “feel good” objects that I might surround myself with and that truly has no purpose and might in fact just block me more then making my interior blossom for me.

What methods are you using to finding the balance of keeping pretty good feeling things? While still trying to keep a more simple interior that is easy to maintain and live in.

———– Looking forward to hear what your thoughts are on this…

But before that, let’s enjoy this stunning property from Kvarteret Mäkleri and imagine what type of design story this space might have…

The Imaginary Story

This space encourages a more curated – living with less type of feel while at the same time focusing on bringing in some objects that might have a story and meaning to the home owner.

Keeping a home this neat, and where closed storage has not been a focus, means the perfect opportunity to only own things that matters to you.

Purely due to not having room for something more. And even if there is room for something to store – example like that stunning pantry – why clutter it? Why not let the pantry have some air and space, and only bring in again the items that you need for your type of cooking and prepping.

Key Take Away

  • Leaving walls bare – It is okay not to decorate every wall with stuff
  • Add neat and thin feeling furniture pieces
  • Mix in some older pieces
  • Add a vintage chair for your reading nook
  • Organize the pantry with pretty baskets

Happy creative week!

Beige swedish living room
Beige swedish living room

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