Photographer Sara Medina Linds Apartment

Sara Medina Lind living mirror

Photographer Sara Medina Lind is selling her nicely warm minimalistic apartment located in Stockholm.

I love looking and getting inspired at all these super styled apartments for sell.

While some of them might be hard to see “how could they actually have fit all their stuff in there” with that minimalism style…I also get truly inspired by all the organization and simplicity.

Spaces like this makes me feel that there is hope to have room for conversations, and internal stories without the space becoming overpowering.

———— Negative space and me are sometimes friends…

But let’s focus back on this stunning space, that I am sure will be an easy sale. Especially with such a talented photographer as Sara whom I found out more about in 2015 when I posted her stunning photos of the Sophia Suits in Greece.

Jump down to all the amazing photos and follow Sara here if you are not already.

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Sara Medina Lind Living room
Sara Medina lind Apartment

Key Inspirations

Here are some of the things I find extra inspiring about this space:

  • Keeping a minimal bedroom with a simple color palette feels calming
  • Leaving walls bare – let the space breath
  • Use statement plants
  • Add black and white prints for depth – and interest
  • Low and simple wood bed frame
Sara Medina Lind Apartment
Sara Medina Lind interior


To create and increase the depth of a space and story telling add stunning black and white photos that has a meaning to you. Or simply creates that feeling you are after.

Wether that feeling is to make you feel motivated, calm, inspired…

Sara Medina lind kitchen
Sara Medina lind Kitchen
Sara Medina lind flat
Sara Medina lind Flat

Credit: @saramedinalind via real estate company Notar


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