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Light and airy interior

Happy new year!

This year we are back with a light and uplifting mood that will focus on the mission to keep on finding and encouraging more unique homes that have been created with thought and meaning.

A home that makes you feel what you need or wish to feel. Your home specifically created for you.

While at the same time getting inspired by all the stunning images that mixes a doze of Scandinavian style with an island feel.

———— In fact this year DesignStudio210 is actually building its own little island home, that will support a long time dream of ours.

But more on that later – for now – let’s jump back into the imaginary design story of this property found via Kvarteret Mäkleri

The Imaginary Story

This apartment feels fresh, creative and uplifting, just the mood that someone who wants to have a new start feel might want.

The space feels as it is decorated to keep focus on a slower life; away from all the hectic life that both the outside physical and digital world can sometimes be.

The focus on the natural rustic elements and the rattan, makes me think that this person enjoys spending time in the countryside.

Key Take Away

  • Focus on natural materials like linen, rattan and so on
  • Keep a simple color palette and use terracotta accents
  • Mix and match reclaimed wood pieces with newer productions
  • Focus on highlighting elements that reminds of a slower life (tea mugs, your local food produce displayed, flowing curtains, eliminating the focus of digital products)

Happy creative week!

Slow living interior
Light and airy living room

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Bedroom nook
Swedish interior living room
swedish bedroom nook


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Swedish light interior
Swedish white hallway

Credit: Kvarteret Mäkleri


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