How to Bring More Personality into Your Home

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Transforming your living space into your perfect home is no easy task. While you may have painted the walls and changed the flooring, there may still be one thing lacking from your interior; your unique personality. 

Adding personality to a home is a challenging task, but is well worth the effort.

Personality is just that thing, that transforms a house from a random showhome into a unique and exciting living space designed for you.

If you are looking for some ideas to help bring more personality into your home, then these ideas might help to provide you with some inspiration to get you started:

Interior with different textures

Add Texture

Adding texture to your rooms is an excellent way to give your living space more depth. Layering different textures adds extra interest to your home and helps to create a cozy environment. 

If you have decorated your home using a neutral colour palette, introducing texture is especially important to bring your design scheme to life. Introducing different fabrics in similar colour tones for your throws, rugs, and pillows will help make your rooms look more inviting without overwhelming the space. 

Adding furniture made from different materials also helps to bring more character into the room and avoids the blandness of overly matched pieces.

Remember chose textures that translates and speaks you (!)

Don’t be afraid of showing who you are and what you want!

Unique art wall

Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash

Make a Statement

One guaranteed way to bring personality into your home is to add a statement piece of artwork.

A bold piece of art can really enhance a space and take your interior to the next level.

Many people shy away from buying original pieces of artwork because they worry that it won’t suit their home. To avoid this problem, it is a good idea to buy from artists such as Pro hart that bring the artwork directly to you.

Having a selection of pieces to choose from enables you to see how they work in your living space, and make a confident decision that you are choosing the perfect artwork for your room.

Nothing speaks a story so much like a compelling stunning art statement piece on your wall.

And of course making a statement with art doesn’t need to mean adding paintings in overpowering colours that don’t match the rest of your scheme.

How you display the art plays a significant role in giving it impact, so consider options such as introducing a large piece of artwork, or multiple pieces displayed as a gallery wall.

Your home should speak to you – not to someone else

Feeling of your own unique interior

Photo by Tatiana from Pexels

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Display What Matters to You

Many people like the idea of creating a quirky home packed with interesting objects, but shy away from displaying items that are meaningful to them.

This may be out of fear for getting it ‘wrong’ or out of a belief that they need to follow the latest interior trends. Either way, bringing more character into your home always works better when it is your own personality, and the objects on display tell your story.

Displaying trinkets and items that matter to you and hold special meaning will help to ensure that your home is entirely individual and packed with personality.

After all the home you are decorating is for your aspirations and inspirations, and not for someone else. Showcase what matters to you.

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