Top 5 Scandinavian Decor Plants You’ll Love!

scandinavian indoor plants

Nothing enhances the ambiance of interiors like plants. They add a punch of color to the otherwise neutral Scandi-style, bring in a touch of nature, and have various health benefits. 

Because nature plays a big role in Scandinavian interior design, introducing an indoor plant or two is a great way to live up to the style.

In fact, as soon as I think of plants I recall my mom’s interest and passion for this. I recall feeling at times like I lived in a jungle as a kid, as my mom had plenty of the magically Dracaena in our living room.

Precious memories!

With that memory close to heart, it was only right that I asked her input on which top 5 Scandinavian decor plants she thinks I could recommend giving a more Scandi-vibe to a home.

And this is the list that we came up with….These are some popular Scandinavian indoor plants that you often see in Swedish and Nordic style photos.

Scandinavian indoor plants – My Swedish moms curated list

1. Snake Plant

Foliage plants take the prize in Scandinavian design, and the Snake Plant is a famous favorite in that regard. It features stiff, pointed leaves, and can grow between six inches and eight feet tall.

It is also compatible with the Scandinavian feature of being functional; it removes toxins from the air and purifies it, all while doubling as decor. Regarding care requirements, Snake Plant is one of the hardest plants to kill. It actually thrives on neglect!

And yes, this is my favorite plant that I have even in my Scandi-Mediterranean home. Easy to maintain, is just my flavor.

Scandinavian indoor plants

Credit: Entrance Makleri

2. Rubber Fig

Also called the Ficus Elastica, Rubber Fig is a stunning ornamental plant. It has thick, shiny, and leathery leaves that are forest-green in color. Its variety, ‘Tricolor’, comes in pink, green, and cream — a beautiful mix of colors for muted interiors. When grown indoors, it goes as high as 40 inches. 

Rubber fig is relatively easy to care for. Place it in the corner of your Scandi-style space to soften the sharp edges.

Scandinavian decor plants
Scandinavian decor plants

Credit: Alvhem

Scandinavian decor plants

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

3. Monstera Plant

Native to the lush American rainforests, the Monstera Plant (also called Monstera Deliciousa) features oversized heart-shaped foliage with natural holes. Its elegance perfectly pairs with the Scandinavian minimalist interior design. If you’re looking for an evergreen climber, the Monstera Plant is just what you need!

It is another easy-to-care-for plant, symbolizing longevity and respect. The Monstera Plant indeed makes a strikingly stunning addition to indoor Scandi-style spaces!

Scandinavian indoor plants

Credit: Alvhem

Scandinavian indoor plants

Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

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4. Aloe Vera

No plant does it better at mixing style with functionality than the famous Aloe Vera Plant. Its plump leaves contain a gel that heals burns and has incredible benefits for the skin. At the same time, its grey-green leaves add to the aesthetics of the space.

Aloe Vera is a stemless plant that can grow up to 40 inches tall. It is a tough variety that can handle quite some neglect — so if you’re someone who forgets to water their Scandinavian decor plants, this one’s for you!

Scandinavian indoor plants

Photo by Jacqueline Kelly from Pexels

5. Dracaena

Now to the lovey Dracaena, or Dragon tree, as it is also known to us. This plant usually grows on the taller side and gives off an airy and elegant yet imperfect kind of feel, with its fine thin leaves and naked branch at the bottom.

One of my first plants that I bought into our Scandi inspired flat, was this plant in fact. And it lasted us around 5 years until it, unfortunately, gave up on us. I would say it is easily maintainable, but it was our fault as we didn’t move her with us, when we moved into our weekend flat on another island.

Scandinavian indoor plants

Credit: Fantastic Frank

If you are looking for more inspiration on what Scandinavian plants you might see in Nordic homes, then don’t miss out my list of Scandinavian interior design blogs. You will surely not go away without getting inspired. 🙂


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