Above The Bed Gallery Wall – Pro and Cons

Above bed gallery wall

What do you think of above the bed gallery walls? Are they impacting you and your space in a positive or in a more negative way? Have you seen too many spaces with this type of wall feature lately that it took away from feeling unique in your own home?

I was reading an interior forum the other day, and have seen many lately speaking rather “negatively” against gallery walls.

I for in fact tend to be a fan of them. I have this in our home, around our TV unit, and adore the stunning little art pieces we have collected. And the story you can create with a wall like this.

But what about for the bedroom? Does having a wall art above your bed, give the right feeling to the bedroom?

When we first moved into our home, I was first to say to my partner that I wanted to hang art above the bed. He, as the minimalist he is, was clearly against it. At that time, I was not even sure why. But, I see his point now(!)

While a gallery wall above the bed is stunning. I mean….these photos! Wow! I cannot stop admiring the collected art pieces together with the other decor elements. It makes this space look inviting and cool to hang out in during those lazy Sundays.

But…what I do think is – that a gallery wall behind the bed makes my sleeping zone above my head, feel heavy. (Now I might have lost you here, but hopefully you get my point…) This heaviness, that I am feeling would negatively impact the feeling of peace, harmony, and relaxation that I need to feel in my bedroom.

In fact, my solution here is currently not to have anything above my bedroom wall, which feels way more minimalistic (bare at sometimes) but right for my sleeping needs.

Even though I am not having this type of gallery wall above my bed, I still love it in a bedroom. For example, on a sidewall. Or even in front of the bed. Which I know some would not like due to the messier impression.

It is all about knowing how you need to feel best to get the best sleep. After all, without proper sleep we will not be creative and productive during the days.

I will continue to admire these stunning photos and admire these types of walls that my friends have in their home…after all. Wow! Truly stunning and creatively inspiring.

bedroom gallery wall
bedroom gallery wall
bedroom gallery wall

Credit: Stadshem via Coco Lapine Design

Would love to hear from you now…

Are above the bed gallery walls something that you already have at home? If so, are you happy with them? Also if you have opted not to go for them, what else did you decorate your wall above the bed with?

Would love it if you share your thoughts on this by pressing “View Comments underneath my bio.

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