Why should I start a blog in 2024?

Why starting a blog in 2020

One of the questions that pops up a lot lately is – why should I start a blog in 2024?

It is for sure a fair question considering the amount of blogs out there.

While it might be a saturated market, it is still possible and might also present some extra opportunities.

Below you can see my 7 reasons why you should start your blog in 2024.

I landed a full time career in digital marketing after staying curious and learning more about blogging


Your curiosity and passion will take you far…

Why starting a blog in 2020

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Is it too late to start a blog?

No! It is never too late to start a blog. And why I think so, is because there is still room for your unique story to be shared.

Is Blogging Dead?

Absolutely not! Readers are still wanting to find bloggers who write and have passion for a specific topic. And remember again that there is no one else like you – your unique story matter.

See my “How to Start a Design blog” for a full guide on how to actually set a blog up and the guided steps you should take.

Top 7 List Why you Should Start a Blog Now

  • A way to acquire a new skill

    It is a good time to acquire new online marketing skills to adapt to the more remote working world we are living in.

    The benefit of having your own blog here is that you can test and learn on your own blog.

    You will build skills around: writing, content creation, visual story telling, problem solving, creative thinking, researching and much more.

  • Get an extra income stream

    A niche topic with a relate-able visual branding together with understanding how to gain traffic through your post opens up doors for advertisers and other money collaborations.

  • The world has gone digital and remotely

    Even more now than before – the world has gone digital and remotely.

    This means that people have more time on their hands to look for their hobbies, inspirations and also wishing to learn new things.

  • Marketers will look for cheaper marketing options

    If you build up a small group of strong followers and you have a very niched site, it can be easy to still get some companies to spend their marketing budget on campaigns on your site.

    Especially if you are targeting products in the online sphere. You no longer need to have million or even 100,000+ followers in your community to make some extra cash on your passion project.

  • Google has changed the way they rank pages and they love expert writers

    Using Google as a traffic source in 2020 within the design and decoration niche is “getting easier” due to the fact that Google favors topic experts.

    No longer is the top ranking content pieces only from large brands, but it is possible for smaller sites who writes well on a specific topic with right tactics to get top visibility.

  • Current world situation means people needs to get motivated and inspired

    Even more so in 2020 people are using internet to stay motivated, hopeful and also as an escape to dream. Which means it is a good time for your passion inspiration project to go live.

  • You might spend more time indoors

    With the extra free time you have of not commuting, you might have more time to brush up on a skill or starting that decor brand/business or idea of yours.

    While setting up a domain comes at a cost, it is extremely low considering the ROI this monthly opportunity can give you.

    It is a cheap way to entertain yourself but also building on your future while staying indoors.

    Another benefit is the need for social connectivity – a blog is a great way to connect with other people with similar passion and interest as you.

How do I start a successful blog in 2024?

While I was saying that I do not believe that blogging is dead, but I would say that blogging has changed.

With Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, readers are much more “picky” to which blogs they want to follow and visit.

Why would they not be, if they can see all those pretty visuals on Social media?

While people might be spending more time on Social media in our interior design niche, it is still possible to get visitors to your interior design blog.

You still stand a good chance of getting traffic, if you understand what your audience find valuable and resourceful and that cannot be expressed (emotionally or physically) on Instagram or Pinterest.

Also something that becomes even more important than before, is that you have a strong blog brand and mission statement. This is especially important if you are looking to create a community of people with similar beliefs in the home decor and design field.

Why starting a blog in 2020


  • An unique design story that is visually branded well online
  • A solid plan with understanding of how and where to promote your content (amplification)
  • Growing a community on other social platforms connected to your blog
  • Plenty of visual materials to use
  • Story tell on your blog through visuals, words, content, layout
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How do you see blogging in 2024? Is it something that you would like to start doing? Let me know your ideas and thoughts below.


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