Art And Posters: Summer Round Up NO1

Arjan Janssen Art Show and Exhibition

Arjan Janssen Art Show and Exhibition

Arjan Janssen Exhibition © Rik Klein Gotink fotografie


With some new On The Wall interviews coming our way we thought to round up some of our favorite On The Wall talks with some of our inspiring and talented friends. All which are individuals with a passion of the arts and whom uses an expression appealing to us and which we wish to adorn a wall with.

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Arjan Janssen

Arjan Janssen - Minimalistic Painting

Credit: Arjan Janssen


What strikes me with the art is its geometrical expression and how well the different elements are balanced. The abstract feel will give my guests and myself, an opportunity to dive into a world of mystery.” – This is how we tried to paint some words about his art pieces in our last post back last year.

Arjan Janssen is one of our mentors here on the blog. I so recall stumbling upon his art on Pinterest and it was one of those art pieces that was endlessly shared by people. We reached out to him in hope that he would be up for sharing some photos and taking part in this series – he was all in. Not only did he show us some good portfolio photos and art pieces but he also shared his wisdom of knowledge that we treasure.



For an artist, it is important to dare to step in limbo. To take risks and to enter areas you never knew they existed..” – Arjan Janssen for DS210




Akos Major

Landscape Photography - Akos Major

Credit: Akos Major


Second up is photographer Akos Major. This photo above I could not stop staring at and still wish to style an interior space or home around. The relaxed vibe and approach to his style and travel photos is emitting this sort of feel that – I wish I had the talent to pick up a camera and travel to a destination I never been at.



[…] these photos are records of places I’ve visited, tourist photos -in my style. I was carrying my film cameras and was shooting everything that caught my interest. – Akos Major for DS210



Kurt Arrigo 

Kurt Arrigo Water Photography

 Credit: Kurt Arrigo


Then we have Kurt Arrigo, who we have talked with on various different occasions.This Maltese photographer loves the sea and takes no wasted time to shot lovely photos of the sea which is surrounding the island he lives on.

His passion for photography and the sea runs very deep and the mystery behind his expressive yet simple photos comes from the strong connection that we feel that he has between the object and himself. When observing his photos we feel as the waves and wind pulls us into the photographs and that actual moment. This connection is surely the motivation piece for himself behind his creative expression.



I work on connecting with my subject and expressing the moment – Kurt Arrigo for DS210


Stay tuned for next week with another round up of some artists who shared some wise words and inspiring photos. Oh…and with this column expanding we would love to hear from you. What type of questions would you ask if you had the chance to ask a painter, photographer or artist?



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