Places To Sleep NO.1 – San Giorgio, Mykonos

San Giorgio

San Giorgio

Credit: San Giorgio


Traveling and exploring is a passion of ours and after traveling through the states and parts of Europe we have never visited any of the Greek islands. Mykonos and San Giorgio hotel is indeed on our bucketlist or at least – wish to – list.

Who can blame us? With a setting to die for located on this Cycladic isle and with a white bohemian interior with natural details this hotel becomes a sanctuary – a place one wish to escape to, for the soul purpose of relaxation. It is these type of holidays that we love.

Well, we do love exploring outside hotels when we travel and we are sure that Mykonos would have a lot to offer on a scooter, exploring both the architecture, nature and the food culture – but still we would have longed coming back to this design hotel and simply do nothing. Yes! Do nothing! Sometimes it is fine to take a way all the must does and just simply care about the moment of doing nothing.



San Giorgio Mykanos San Giorgio Mykanos San Giorgio Mykanos

San Giorgio Mykanos
Credit: San Giorgio


San Giorgio hotel is a bohemian luxury boutique hotel which is a collaboration with Design Hotels, which that on its own speaks perfection to us.

The journey of this hotel had it start in the early ’90s, this thanks to a local fisherman who ended up taking the piece of Paradise Beach which is adjoining to this hotel. The hotel as it is designed and set up today is by the clever due of Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel. Clever indeed are they for not only picking a perfect location, San Giorgio is situated on one of the most scenic areas of the island between Paradise and Paranga beaches, but also for the interior and the whole hotel concept.

The purpose of this place was basically as we felt even just by dreaming of these photos – to create a downto-earth design hotel with a bohemian feel which focuses on achieving that stress free enviroment. This stress free environment and relaxed vibe is also accomplished by the hotel’s strive to cook local dishes and by trying to only buy local produces, all which are served up for dinner on the patio on a communal table seating 30 people. What is not to love about this?

San Giorgio Mykanos San Giorgio Mykanos

Credit: San Giorgio


From design team:


Throughout, there’s a deliberate spotlight on origin and craftsmanship where a few carefully chosen accessories give the right warmth to an otherwise open space. From the charming off-kilter design chair that shows off its raw wood parts, to the traditional Greek woventop stools, weighty cotton matelassé quilts, and even the sinuous curves of the polished cement counters, each piece is organic in form or source and together they create a harmonious whole.



San Giorgio Mykanos  San Giorgio Mykanos San Giorgio MykanosSan Giorgio Mykanos

Credit: San Giorgio



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