Creative Office: Kathryn Tyler

Creative Office

Creative Office

Credit: Dwell. Photo by Andrew Meredith


It is always fun to see offices of other designers. How do they keep the office feeling creative, yet being an organized space where business takes place?

Lets have a look at the office of Interior designer Kathryn Tyler. I feel that the creativity is spoken through the amount of reading materials displayed here. The imperfection of the casually placed brochures -in the right corner- also gets me thinking about ‘feeling free’ to create. The importance here is that the overall look is not messy. The ‘imperfection’ is in fact over-shadowed by arranging the rest – and majority- of books vertical. Also placing the linear bookshelves on both sides distracts from those objects. Next would be the desk area. By being placed central and away from the wall the brain feels more open to ideas. The business aspect of running a design office is also reinforced with the executive feel that the desk placement emits. The closed file cabinets also reminds us of business.

Now to me this space balances perfectly the business – and creativity side of running a design office. What do you think?




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