Design Studio 210 No.1

designstudio210no.1[Today I have been brainstorming layout ideas.]

We are three months in to this year -already-. And I have been feeling the change of energy in me. Even though I am constantly multi-tasking between interior- and graphic design stuff. I feel more balanced than before.

This year we are taking Design Studio 210 and us on a new venture. We will be designing our apartment from scratch and will also visit some cool interior spaces for inspiration. I will also continue to set-up meetings with talented peers and companies.

I figured it could be fun to start sharing some more behind-the-scenes and updates on what we are up to. So I am teaming up with my other half, Ivan. Who not only enjoys taking photos but whom inspires me daily. Together this venture will allow us to look back on the progress and lessons we learnt when 2013 leaves us. Without rambling on too much, I wish you a creative Thursday!



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