Creative Office: Club Workspace At Barley Mow Designed By Tilt

Caroline Broman


If there’s one space that’s going to be full of stunning architectural and design choices, it’s one that’s used by a group of creatives and freelancers! One in particular is the London based Club Workspace at Barley Mow, a beautiful co-working venue that was designed by forward thinking architects TILT. As designers of creative spaces that promote collaborative working, they were the perfect choice where creating a truly motivational workspace that helped boost productivity and appealed to freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs and nomadic workers was concerned.

Barley Mow Centre- Jill Tate Photos TILT

TILT has a talent for combining an array of up to date interior design trends without them looking over the top. Instead, they populated this Club Workspace with exposed metal beams, minimal white walls, natural wooden desks and lights that resemble elegant Chinese lanterns. All of these things are wonderful to look at when you need a bit of group motivation and work together to create a serene space that piques creativity. TILT also practices what they preach in their office furniture, and for good reason. Co-working can be difficult enough without trying to concentrate at an uncomfortable or badly designed desk that’s either too overcrowded or too sparse, making it harder to communicate with the rest of your group. As a result they’ve designed a range of desks that take co-working as their main consideration, and are one of my favourite elements of this office design!


First there are the brown, interconnected LeafDesks. They can pivot through 270 degrees to create unique working layouts, which make them the perfect solution where co-working is concerned. They can be moved around to accommodate more or less people in a layout that works for them to avoid overcrowding or, indeed, undercrowding. Then there are the white Fruit n Nut Tables. While they might appear to come in a mish mash of shapes and sizes they’re actually strategically engineered to not just resemble things like monkey nuts, lemons and plums, but provide a flexible desking solution that can be used in both formal and informal environments, from brainstorming sessions to company meetings.


Credit: Tilt / Photo by Jill Tate

TILT have left no stone unturned when it comes to their office design for this Club Workspace. Even the dining area incorporates a cool monochrome colour palette offset with bright, low-set ceiling lights and minimal stools, adding to a beautiful mix of spaces that allow everyone occupying the building to drift through its rooms and find the area that best matches their current work state. Every element screams creativity without overpowering the minds of those working around them, creating the perfect collaborative working environment.

What do you think of this original and creative take on a co-working space? Let me know below!

– Victoria Crawcour


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