Why is interior design important? (7 reasons)

Impact of interior design

You might be wondering why is interior design important and what makes it so close to people’s hearts. There are tons of reasons why!

Interior designing a space makes you fully express yourself through the décor and design of your home. The interior design of your house reflects your personality and aesthetics. The selection of color palette, the layout of the interior, patterns, wall décor, lighting effect, the inclusion of woods and plants, – everything expresses who you are.

But most importantly, the interior design of your home has the power to make it more compelling and to offer you a better standard of living, as well as help you to achieve your lifestyle goals.

Why is interior design important
Incredible nicely designed cottage (by interior architect Joanna Laajisto) that inspires a connection to nature, as well as a reminder to start to relax and enjoy the “now”.

Credit: Joanna Laajisto

7 Reasons why Interior Design is Important

The interior design of a space (and your home) is important for so many reasons. There are hundreds of answers to the question of why is interior design important.

Below you will see the 7 reasons I believe are important, with number four being a very powerful one.

Let’s find out some of the most irresistible ones. Let’s check them out!

1. Interior Design is a Way of Expression

You can express yourself with the interior design. The way you design and plan your space fairly reflects your personality.

The decorative accents, the selection of color scheme, the intensity and distribution of light effects, the pieces of wall art, the choice of furnishing and rugs, and the details in the ceiling; hence the overall interior of your house reflects your personality. The antique pieces and family handy-downs all tell a story and reflect your preferences and what you admire.   

Why is interior design important

Credit: Photo by Medhat Ayad from Pexels

2. Interior Design Makes Your Space Prettier

The interior design of your house makes your house a lot more appealing and improves it for the good. You can always feel better by improving one more element of your home design and this is something that makes interior designing more important. It improves the environment you live in and creates an impression.

impact of decor

Credit: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

3. Impact of Shades on Our Moods

It is known by many of us that the selection of color scheme altogether alters the look of an interior design. But you would be surprised to know that the colors that we choose to surround us have a great impact on our moods and feelings. That one bright-colored accent wall in a minimalist room will altogether uplift your mood. And that subtle palette of beiges will create a warming and calming feel. Or the dark wall in a room will create an intimate setting.

impact of interior design

Credit: Entrance Makleri

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4. Affect our Goals and Dreams

Creating a space that helps you to visually manifest your goals (and dreams) can have such a powerful effect on your overall life.

Planning out a space that encourages you to work out, journal, or create can be a game-changer. As well as incorporating and highlighting things that you know will help you to shape a good habit; like displaying your tea maker and water containers in your kitchen – this can help you to hydrate instead of drinking that coffee.

Simply said but, design your home to help you to make daily decisions and to influence you on the right path of your dreams.

impact of designing a nice space

Credit: Photo by Michael Burrows from Pexels

Why is interior design important

Credit: Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

5. Have a Functional space

Having a functional space is key for an interior design to be successful – and this is another powerful tool to make sure that in the plan, you are designing a space for yourself. A space that helps you to go about everyday life – simply a space designed for your habits and needs.

Why is interior design important

Credit: Photo by Leyla Kılıç from Pexels

6. Improve our well-being and mental health

It is known to science that something simple as planning your space around having ample of sunlight can increase your serotonin (more serotonin impacts our mood and feelings of contentment and calmness).

In fact, we can say that it is proven that interior design affects our mental health. And that we should do all in our power to know more about what we can do about making use of this power (whether that is through our own studies or hiring a qualified interior designer).

I keep on mentioning it, but it is no surprise why Feng Shui rules and Holistic interior design are hot topics this year.

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Why is interior design important

Credit: Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

7. Help to Create a Happier Home

Having a space that makes you feel great, can help your home atmosphere to feel happier. Important is to understand what makes a happier home environment for you.

To me, this means a well-organized, cozy yet fresh felt home that influences me to always seek creativity but at the same time relax and unwind with my tea and books (in hopefully a swing one day).

You can see my whole list of, 10 tips on how to have a happier home.

Why is interior design important

Credit: Photo by Polina Kholodova from Pexels

Outside of this, I would like to point out that: hiring an interior designer to actually design your space will help you to leverage the full power of what impact a good design can have on your home, your life, and your future dreams.

How is Interior Design Affecting Our Lives?

It is clear to us that the environment of a space we live in has a visible and immense impact on our lives (in fact that is the whole mission of this blog as well).

Entering a room with an aesthetically appealing interior design (designed for you) helps you with your mood and can even support reaching your dreams in life.

A well-designed space for you will automatically improve your life! Whether that is through making it visually pleasing, making it functional, or by feeling emotionally connected to it.

What now?

Look through your home, and ask yourself if your interior design is empowering you? I always recommend starting by creating a vision board of what I want my life to be and then using this as an anchor when making changes in my home

And you do not need to think that you need to go spending money to benefit from this. But instead, use what you have, and start rearranging your home to truly function you.

Let’s go and create a powerful home that can help us to improve our lives.


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