How To Have a Minimalist Kitchen?

how to have a minimalist kitchen

Are you wondering how to have a minimalist kitchen?

Minimalist kitchen design has been a hot topic for a while. Especially after the movement that the blog The Minimalists created almost 10 years ago, as well as the influence of the many minimalism bloggers and YouTubers.

Having a minimalist style in your kitchen and limiting the amounts of equipment and cooking utensils can in fact have so many benefits – not only financial but also from a health aspect.

Keeping fewer things in your kitchen and in your cabinets means an easier job for you to keep up with the cleaning and easier to make sure that all the things are working as they should.

But you didn’t come here to hear about the benefits; you wanted to see tips on how to have a minimalist kitchen and get ideas on how you can plan your kitchen to keep a minimalist – look and feel throughout your space.

Let’s get our creative hats on and dive straight into it!


In one of my homes, I like to keep the kitchen space modern and have opted for a clean design without any kitchen upper cabinets on one side for example. When it comes to the actual kitchen utilities and cooking equipment, there we completely failed as minimalists, which is now something we are trying to make sure in our new home that we maintain.

The reality is, why did we think we needed two ovens? And why do we have so many plates and cutlery sets when in all fairness we only used to have around max eight guests at the time in our home.

All a mystery to me…:)

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

1. Let more air and sunlight in!

Minimalist kitchens look more appealing when you enhance the inflow of air and sunlight. It makes your minimalist kitchen more bright and fully ventilated.

In fact, this trick is often being used and can be seen in my Scandinavian minimalist interior design post as well.

How To Have a Minimalist Kitchen

Credit: Kitchen from Nordiska Kök – in the home of @bywestell – Photo by Kristofer Johnsson – Styling by Caroline Sandström – Interior design by Caroline Molse.

2. Go for a light color scheme!

Color palette plays a huge role in interior design. It is one of the simple and easy most minimalist kitchen ideas to pick a light color scheme for your kitchen. Light colors add a simple and classy touch to your kitchen and make it appear brighter.

How To Have a Minimalist Kitchen
Minimalist Kitchen ideas
Minimalist Kitchen ideas
Minimalist Kitchen ideas

Credit: Nordiska Kök

3. Get Organized!

Organization is truly your most powerful tool for having a minimalistic kitchen feel. If visual clutter is disturbing your viewpoint you will not think that your kitchen appears on the simple side but instead see it as messy.   

Minimalist Kitchen ideas

Credit: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

4. Keep countertops clear!

Clear away as much as possible from your countertops – leave only a couple of things that you think look good, motivate you, and also act as a daily functional item. If you can even store away everything and truly have empty countertops, this might be the way to go.

I personally, do like to have clear countertops but then see a cutting board with my daily herbs collected. – I always leave something out that motivates me.

Minimalist Kitchen ideas

Credit: Nordiska Kök and interior designer Alexandra Ogonowski for the design

5. Focus on eatable herbs!!

Instead of adding the normal green indoor decor plants that I do love – in a more minimalistic kitchen, I would opt for only eatable herbs in nice pots.

I think this adds a green and warmth to a kitchen but at the same time, it is also a functional as well as a decorative piece to enjoy.  

How To Have a Minimalist Kitchen

Credit: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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6. Broaden the walkways!

Minimalism focuses on simplicity and functionality and so your minimalist kitchen must offer as well. You must broaden the walkways of your minimalist kitchen to make mobility easy within your kitchen. It not only allows you to work fast and smooth but also makes your kitchen look wider and brighter.

How To Have a Minimalist Kitchen

Credit: Norm Achitects

7. Closed cabinets – more than less!

Having closed storage and cabinets is vital to having a successful minimalistic design. Even if you have decluttered your kitchen, only keeping the things that are essential to you – being able to hide your items is important. This again will avoid visual clutter and will make the design appear more seamless and simplistic.

How To Have a Minimalist Kitchen

Credit: Nordiska Kök

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8. Add a stone backsplash

A uniform backsplash without visible seams contributes a lot in making a minimalist kitchen more appealing. You can add luxury and also create some visual interest in your minimalist kitchen by picking a stone with a pattern.

How To Have a Minimalist Kitchen

Credit: Norm Architects – The Mews House

9. Organization inside the drawers

Keeping organization clean within the drawers will make the whole experience of finding your items much more visually and emotionally pleasant.

Investing in some nice and simple storage will make your kitchen even more appealing to you.

Minimalist Kitchen idea storage

Credit: Nordiska Kök

10. Avoid useless gadjets and utensils!

Do you really need that specific apple gadget, to get those perfectly sliced apple pieces? Or will a knife, solve this problem for you?

Really ask yourself, if a kitchen utensil can be used for more than one thing. This will help you and your kitchen organization to stay simple.

How To Have a Minimalist Kitchen

Credit: Photo by Cup of Couple from Pexels

11. Hide the extractor!

To get that seamless look that you most probably are looking for, then hiding the extractor and kitchen fan will be a smart thing to opt for. (This is the look we have in one of our flats, and it does create a very minimal feeling.)

Minimalist Kitchen ideas

Credit: Nordiska Kök

What now?

Whether you are keenly jumping into a whole remodel or looking for some ways how you can incorporate some minimalistic kitchen design ideas into your existing kitchen – I hope you got some ideas with my article here; around “how to have a minimalist kitchen?”.


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