Tips to Using Organic Shapes in Interior Design (11 Ideas)

organic shapes interior design

Where do we start….curves and organic shapes in interior design, gotta love them!

This is a trend that we could see last year already, with influencers posting new home redos with more curved furniture instead of the more squared lines.

This increased movement for organic shapes is most likely as well due to the increased popularity of biophilic design, which incorporates organic shapes.

Also, if we are looking at Pinterest prediction report for 2022, we can see that curves, oh yes curves is a thing this year.

And with that, I have collected some tips that I am thinking about in regards to adding organic shapes in an interior setting. Mainly, our new build Modern Mediterranean style inspired home.

Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Credit: Loods5

But first things first...

What are organic shapes in interior design?

Organic shapes, as mentioned stem from biophilic design, where the focus is on nature.

It includes all the tiny details from the smooth curves of a table inspired by nature to the delicate buds of a flower-shaped chandelier; the biophilic accents that portray the asymmetries of nature are in high demand. All the ingredients are inspired by mother nature.

You will easily see that organic shapes in interior design can either be very irregular or have more regularity which can be seen in a round lampshade as an example.

Regardless of how irregular the shape is, this trend is seen in furniture, lighting, and decorative pieces, area rugs, wall art, the popularity of arches in interior architecture, and more.

The balance of using irregular lines combined with diagonal, horizontal, and vertical lines, which you most likely already have in your space – balance is achieved. And this is in fact an important design principle (and rule) for interior designers.

What feel does organic shapes in an interior design create?

By incorporating organic shapes into your home you will create a softness and also a sense of movement in your space. The more irregular the shape is, the more movement it will portray. More irregularity also means it will portray more natural and organic, similar to organisms we can find in nature.

More natural shapes, instead of clean-cut lines, will give a feeling of more creativity and freedom as well, something that can be used to influence more creativity in your home or designated creative space.

Arch in interior

Credit: Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev from Pexels

Tips to Using Organic Shapes in Interior Design!

There are a number of simple and easy tips to get organic shapes in an interior design. Here you go with some that I am most excited about! 

Let’s check them out!

1. Use organic shapes in natural materials

To increase the natural feeling in your home, not only opt for an organic shape but also make sure it is of natural materials.

Adding a round wooden coffee table to your space, or an irregular wooden vase on your kitchen table, a basket lamp made in an organic shape – these are all some examples of how you can combine, organic shapes and natural materials. To create that even more natural feeling.

Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Credit: Three Birds Renovations

2. Add Organic Shapes to your Bathrooms

You can include a round bathtub and a round wall-mounted sink to create an exclusive focal point within your bathroom. You can also add a curved sink with faucets installed in the wall.

A bathroom with round-style accessories appears luxurious and up-to-date. The round shapes also help in creating a spa feeling which creates a soft and soothing mood.

Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Credit: Three Birds Renovations

Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Credit: Three Birds Renovations

3. Go for a Curved Pendant

You may go for a curved pendant to create a focal point within a biophilic interior design. You can add it to your living room or kitchen or any other room for that matter. I especially am craving wider and curved pendant lights made with dyed or organic rattan at the moment.

Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Credit: Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

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4. Pick a Round or Semi-Circle Bathroom Mirror

Opt for a stunning round-ish bathroom mirror to compliment your bathroom instead of a rectangular one.

(And yes I repeated this twice, so as you can see I am in love with round-ish bathroom mirrors, and hoping to have this look in our future guest bathroom.)

You may choose a framed or unframed round mirror. It all depends on your style preference and how impactful you want that frame to be.

Organic Shapes in bathroom design

Credit: Moii Interior Design found via Sample Board

5. Go all in on Round-ish Furniture

Selecting furniture pieces that have more rounded feel to them, than the typical straight lines is one way to incorporate natural shapes into your space.

Now we can see comfy looking and stylish round-ish sofas, armchairs, and other furniture pieces popping up on Pinterest and Instagram. This is for sure, the trend of the year in regards to furniture pieces.

Organic Shapes in furnitures

Credit: Styling and Interior by Erik Bratsberg  of  The Moment Gallery / Photography by Adam Helbaoui found via The Design Chaser

Organic Shapes in home decor

Credit: Three Birds Renovations

Organic Shapes in furniture

Credit: Three Birds Renovations

6. Add Round Rugs

Adding a round-shaped rug to your space is another way to incorporate round shapes while keeping things interesting. The roundness creates a calming feeling and is perfect when you wish to mark an area or zone.

Creating a nook for reading and using a round rug underneath the armchair, is an idea of this that I like.

Organic Shaped rug

Credit: RugTastic

7. Decor with Vases in Soft Organic Shapes

Whether perfectly round or more irregular shapes – vases in organic shapes are hot! Curate a few of these on your side table or use them on top of your dining table. Or why not create a nook for them in the wall. There is no need to add greenery to them unless you wish.

If you want to step up the organic feel, even more, opt for a vase material with a more tactile natural feeling like wood, stone, or rattan.

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Decorative round wall lights above kitchen bench

Organic Shapes in Interior Design
Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Credit: Three Birds Renovations

8. Sculptures inspired by nature

Irregular sculptures will create an interesting story for your space. They will help you to emphasize the natural, flowy and organic feel that sculptures inspired by natural organisms will give.

And why not try to create your own?

Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Credit: Styling and Interior by Erik Bratsberg  of  The Moment Gallery / Photography by Adam Helbaoui found via The Design Chaser

9. Add Round Patterns in Posters and Art

This is such an easy way to add round shapes and irregular shapes into your home. Whether you want to create something yourself or buy from an artist, a poster or art piece with organic shapes can truly elevate your space.

It will soften up the space straight away without you having to go and purchase new furniture pieces. By also focusing on creating or buying art pieces with a more tactile experience to them, it will create an even more natural feeling.

organic shapes interior design

Credit: Loods5

10. Design with Arches

Adding structural arches might be an option for you, but if it is not, adding arch forms in the shape of posters, or other types of wall decor is an easy DIY trick or why not create these wall shelves, like photo below, with arches.

We can also see arches in the modern Mediterranean style that we love!

Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Credit: Three Birds Renovations

Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Credit: Photo by Andreas Sellinidis – Design by MPlusMArchitects via Design Milk

11. Opt for a Curvey Staircase

If you are renovating or planning to build your home, adding a helical or curved staircase can be one way to go.

This will create a kind of movement, and excitement while at the same time focusing on a soft feel.

I have long not been a fan of round staircases, but lately started to crave them. And it so happens to be that we are having a round staircase in our newly built home soon.

Organic Shapes in Interior Design
Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Credit: Three Birds Renovations

I hope these ideas and tips on how you can add organic shapes into your home have been inspiring.

What now?

Think about if adding round shapes into your home will create the feel that you want for the space? Shapes can be a great way of expression, especially if you are interested in also more holistic interior design.

Sometimes, even changing the smallest things like adding some new posters or art pieces with some organic shapes can help you to create an organic feel. Or why not enrol in an online class and learn how to create your own sculptures and display them as a way to encourage your own creative journey in your home.

Let’s go and enjoy the process and create some lovely soft shapes!


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