On The Wall: Swedish Photographer Måns Berg

Mans Berg Photography

Mans Berg Photography

Måns Berg is another Swedish photographer I found on Nollimages. I fell for his photos while looking for inspiration to our coming apartment project. What caught my attention was the colours, contrasts and the way he plays with light and scale. There is somewhat a mysterious feel and calmness to his images that feels very pleasing to add to interior spaces’.



I would gladly put any of these on the wall in a space. Just imagine how great they would work as focal points in a room. I am thinking of them as large-scaled prints enclosed in a simple frame. All they need is a connection with the interior elements and it would be a winning concept.

Mans06 Mans07

Credit: Mans Berg

Måns travels often and most of his photos which he sells on Noll Images are from these trips. But his passion in photography lays in photographing architecture. And he sure knows how to do this well. Stay tuned for a creative office photographed by him.


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