On The Wall: Star Map Silkscreen Prints From Stellavie


These are some lovely maps of the ‘Northern sky‘ or ‘Southern sky‘ made by Stellavie. The prints are printed by hand with a silk screen technique and comes in different colors. Here are Map I and Map II as they call them and they are either with silver and black or silver, black and white. The first edition counts 500 pieces. The limited edition makes the pieces a bit unique as you will be guaranteed that not every one holds a copy. Every limited edition print is “[…] numbered and individually hand stamped on its backside.” This adds a nice touch and a sense of ownership to the pieces.

600x395-stellavie-print-silkscreen-stellar-map-southern-sky-silverwhite-on-black-01 600x395-stellavie-print-silkscreen-stellar-map-southern-sky-silverwhite-on-black-02

Stellavie is a german duo of designers Steffen and Viktoria. They are very kind and quick in their business manner; as I got a reply back from them within a few minutes. I could hear the passion behind their work as I emailed back and forth with them. I asked them about where they find inspiration and this is what they had to say:


” […] we are fascinated by everything stellar & scientific, we are in love with paper as well as various printing techniques and started silkscreen printing ourselves a couple of month ago, we are into information graphics as well as typography and fine details in graphic design […]”


600x395-stellavie-print-silkscreen-stellar-map-southern-sky-silverwhite-on-black-05 600x395-stellavie-print-silkscreen-stellar-map-southern-sky-silverwhite-on-black-100

Credit: Stellavie

That they are into scientific shows right? I am excited to see what’s next for them. What will they come up with when these run out? Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see.



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