Jaffa Apartment By Pitsou Kedem Architects


I am really excited about this project from Pitsou Kedem Architects. Perhaps because where I am located I am surrounded by magnificent historical buildings that gets me excited to think about incorporating contemporary elements in to. There is something so interesting about merging the past with the present. I feel that it is somewhat a way to honor and reassure that the ‘now’ will not be forgotten in the future.


The Jaffa residence is 100 square meters and located in Old Jaffa in Israel, overlooking the Mediterranean it becomes a dream location for many I am imagining. There is no exact date on how old the building is but it is sure that it has a few hundred years on the neck. After having gone through many -not so good- renovations, the designer knew that they wanted to bring back the simplicity and beauty of its original structure but without compromising on modern type of living. This meaning embracing the stone and its stunning ceiling; which you can see is a historical lesson on its own as it teaches us about the structure of vaults and arches. Also important was to bring in an essence of contemporary living through various methods.

“The historical is expressed by preserving the textures and materials of the buildings outer shell and by respecting the building engineering accord.  The modern is expressed by the opening of spaces and by altering the internal flow to one more open and free and the creation of an urban loft environment along with the use of stainless steel, iron and Korean in the various partitions, in the openings and in the furniture.”



For anyone interested in interior design and architecture the space becomes a lesson in how to finely balance a juxtaposition of old and new into a harmonious place.

“The central idea was to combine the old and the new whilst maintaining the qualities of each and to create new spaces that blend the styles together even intensify them because of the contrast and tension between the different periods. “

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jaffaflat_11Jaffa flat by pitsou kedem architectsjaffaflat_05jaffaflat_06 jaffaflat_12

Credit: Architecture- Pitsou Kedem Architects /Design team- Pitsou Kedem, Irene Goldberg, Raz Melamed  
/Photographer- Amit Geron

I can’t stress enough the admiration I have for the design team for taking the initiative to give the building a chance to tell its story -once- again. If you are interested in reading more about the project you can do it over here.



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