Sweet Home: Selecting Quality Materials On A Budget

Dwell Home

Dwell Home

In the design world quality is an important factor as it determines a materials longevity and wearability. But if you are anything like me, picking everything of high standard basically means using money I do not have. Or ending up with a high standard kitchen and with the rest of the space being empty. So I thought to share some pointers that I use when approaching this issue: how to balance budget with the desire for quality?


What I do is I start by observing the size of the renovation/design so that I can go on to look at the budget I have in mind. Try to divide the budget into the different segments of the design. This way you will -hopefully- eliminate any unexpected costs or like I mentioned, end up with some great pieces applied and not afford to complete the project.


Now when you have an understanding of how much to spend in what area. Go on to evaluate what type of quality you need. By this I mean look into the type of activity that takes place around/on the material. Will it be exposed to high wear and how will it be used? For example if you love cooking you might use the kitchen more frequently hence splurging some extra on the right countertop will be worth it. Or do you spend a lot of time on your sofa, then opt for a sofa with a superior base and upholstery.


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Credit: Dwell - Photo by Helenio Barbetta

Basically what I do is highlighting key areas that needs/should have more superior material/finishes. Less used areas I do not need to spend as much money on. That way I balanced out the costs and have a greater chance to complete a successful design.

Selecting materials and products and putting it all together into a budget can be a daunting process. But with a bit of research or help from professionals you will do just fine!



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