Stockholm Furniture Fair: Chairs

Stockholm Furniture Fair-Chairs

Stockholm Furniture Fair-Chairs

With my latest obsession being chairs, I was excited to hit the fair seeing some new beauties. There were chairs everywhere or at least in my world. They were standing in rows. Hanged on the wall. And interesting was that I could not end up choosing a favourite.

Fredericia -picture above- had an interesting stand where, chairs on the walls were displayed. Even though the Pato chairs on their own are true stunners, it was the display that mesmerized me.

Another one of my favourite chair-corners were found in the Greenhouse and came from students of Aalto University. It was inspiring to view such stunning products made by students but also to see the diversity in form, even though they were all unified by material choice.

Stockholm Furniture Fair-Chairs

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Stockholm Furniture Fair-Chairs

Photo: Design Studio 210

Another sweet exhibition area was this one above, which I now can’t seem to remember from whom (anyone?). The chairs looked like art as they were leveled on a platform. In fact at a first glance I was not sure if they were sittable. But they were. Some visitors next to me asked if they could try them out. Oh and the first one in the image, I am imagining in a hallway as a piece of art but also as storage, or perhaps -if space allows- in a bedroom next to a bed.


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