On The Wall: Vintage Posters


Flatma zoos700x1000

These black vintage posters are available from flatma.de in collaboration with its original designers. The two posters were both originally designed 1966 for the Container Corporation of America’s Chicago Cultural Communication Project. Now, the designers -Giulio Cittato and John Rieben- collaborated with Flatmade to bring back 100 screen prints of each.

I like the story behind vintage posters. By looking at them one can learn alot about the past. Selecting them is most likely like any other type of art form, a very personal thing. Perhaps they speak to you aesthetically or maybe they evoke a memory of some sort.

These posters with a size of 88.9 x 127 cm I could see in an interior setting like the one below. I am envisioning a space which feels industrial; has high ceiling, and a brick wall. The comfort is added through the sofa material and curvy shape which is also repeated in the art work and lamp. The artwork would lean nicely on the wall supported by a steel cabinet…perhaps some casual looking lighting or some candles would be nice to place on the cabinet. Or what do you think?

On The Wall-Design Studio 210

Credit: Lamp called Orbit, designed by Johan Lindsten for Garsnas. Sofa called Armilla designed by 
Emma Olbers for Ire. Cushion designed by Anna Sörensson for Ikea. Poster Theater designed 
by Giulio Cittato for Flatmade. Ikea PS cabinet designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen for Ikea.


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