Stockholm Furniture Fair: Entrance

Caroline Broman
Stockholm Furniure Fair

Stockholm Furniure Fair

Last week I flew over to Sweden to attend Stockholm Furniture Fair. I could not attend the fair until later in the week, which meant that I had already got a peek of the fair through social media. I knew that the Nendo installation in the entrance hall was going to be spectacular, but little did I know how great it would be.

Stockholm Furniture Fair

As I entered the fair I was straight away star struck by the playful concept of the design. It surely suits the Swedish landscape with its white base and curvy form as a representation of the snowy mountains. -Well mountains there are surely non in the Stockholm region, but further north one will find.-

Stockholm Furniture Fair

Credit: Design Studio 210

Okay back to the installation; its structure created an enclosed area within the bigger hall, which became a place for people to meet and greet. This entrance was not only a piece of art but it also made me realize that I was in for an inspiring couple of days at the fair.

If you want I added a few photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from last week.


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