Creative Office: Advertising Agency Locomotiv

Locomotiv | Design Studio 210

Locomotiv | Design Studio 210

As you can see from my previous creative office post, the Swedes certainly know how to craft an inspirational office design! Today’s work space is no different, and comes from Swedish advertising agency Locomotiv. Based in beautiful Stockholm and designed by the very talented team at architecture and consulting firm MER, the headquarters of Locomotiv are a clean, crisp example of how to really nail impactful yet minimal office design.

Locomotiv | Design Studio 210 Locomotiv | Design Studio 210 Locomotv | Design Studio210

What could otherwise have been just another white office is transformed with industrial elements that make the space seem like it’s been built into an old factory. Carefully hewn circles in the building’s roof act like stylish skylights to allow as much healthy, natural light as possible to permeate the space, cutting down on the need for artificial lighting and desk lamps. Then there are the gorgeous stairs flanked by mesh barriers – a really creative take on a staircase that opens up the office and provides an interesting focal point. But there are plenty of little details that work together to subtly liven up the Locomotiv headquarters too…

Locomotiv | Design Studio 210 Locomotiv | Design Studio 210 Locomotiv | Design Studio 210

While you could blink and miss decorative elements like the blackboard and little white typewriter, other additions like the colourful range of books, cool metal chairs and scribbles on the glass walls of the music room all work together to create a really quirky, fun place to work. It’s not every day you have the chance to tinkle the ivories on your lunch break!

Locomotiv | Design Studio 210
Locomotiv | Design Studio 210 Locomotiv | Design Studio 210

Credit: Locomotiv / Photo - Jason Strong

The Locomotiv office is all about turning even the smallest elements into unique office features that make their workspace stand out, without being as full on or incorporating quite the same intense ‘fun factor’ as somewhere like Google. Even Locomotiv’s boardrooms, meeting rooms and the music room are given an extra edge with tactfully implemented colour palettes of tranquil blue, relaxing green, enthusiastic red and creative yellow.

One thing’s for sure – the Locomotiv office is the perfect place for a creative advertising team to work. Inspirational and one of a kind, this design is sure to feed into employees’ creative processes and ideas as well as show visitors and clients what kind of stellar work the company strives to achieve. What do you think of the Locomotiv headquarters? Would you like to work there?

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