Scandinavian Interior design Brands

Scandinavian home brands

Whether you call them Scandinavian interior design brands or Scandinavian home brands I simply can’t get enough of them. With its clean-cut lines and simplistic approach it is no wonder that I am in awe over Scandinavian interior design brands.

Usually these brands are of high quality and functional. Of course I must admit that my home at the moment more consists of IKEA furniture than any other Scandinavian interior brand, but this will change for sure for our next house purchase.

Being a Swedish ex-pat it would make me extra proud of owning a well designed Scandinavian piece. And would also make me feel connected to my roots and my story.

In fact every time I visit Stockholm I am more curious to explore interior design shops before I do anything else. Luckily my partner is always there to remind me to travel light. And reminds me that I don’t have a container to go back home with (I must say that I am an expert at packing objects like a coffee table in our suitcase but that story is for another time).

Luckily though the below shops have international shipping, which solves this issue.

Scandinavian Interior Brands


Scandinavian home brands

Shop: Muuto
Country: Finland

Oh dear Muuto…this was one of the first design brands that I started to blog about way back. The clean functionality and craftsmanship of their pieces juxtaposed with their quirky and bold approach to design makes Muuto designs so special. Apparently the name Muuto comes from the Finnish word Muutos which means “new perspective” in Finnish.

Favorite Designs: E27 pendant Lamp and Open candelbra


Scandinavian home brands

Shop: Muuto
Country: Denmark

Menu is all about making beautifully everyday objects practical and that is just how I feel this brand. I love the way they merge a softness and sophistication together with a more urban and cool vibe. It doesn’t take much for an interior design to become stylish by adding the right matching pieces from Menu’s line. Do I need to mention that I have a big crush on this brand?

Favorite Designs: Afteroom Counter Chair plus and Leonard Chandelier Tribeca

Ferm Living

ferm living scandinavian furniture brand

Shop: Ferm Living
Country: Denmark

This young brand is based in Copenhagen but collaborates with talented designers around the world. There is always a clean design object to pick up from here either to my home or as a gift. In regards of prices they are fairly okay for smaller items. Make sure to check it out today if you need some simple designs for your home.

Favorite Designs: Plant box and Bau Pot

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Scandinavian Home brands

Shop: String
Country: Sweden

String is a brand of both history for myself and the design world. 1949 was the year the first String was designed by Nils Strinning.

For my own history with the String I so recall my grandparent’s house and in particular my grandfather’s room which had a string shelve decorating one of his wallpapered walls. The shelf contained his most precious items which I recall always looking at when I went into his room.

Enough of history, today String is super stylish and its clean design especially when building your own String system can fit in perfectly into any modern design.

Favorite Designs: Build your own

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Vipp Scandianvian furniture brand

Shop: VIPP
Country: Sweden

VIPP is a brand that has taken the design world with a storm with its simple and functional design items. Not only am I a fan of their designs but must also say that I love the founders story.

The story of them committing to each other that they will not buy anything to their apartment unless they think that they will keep it for the rest of their lives. Such a sustainable commitment and this is also the foundation of their VIPP designs – ‘It´s timeless, solid and extremely well thought through”.

Favorite Designs: Espresso cups and Pedal bin


Scandinavian home brands

Shop: Skagerak
Country: Denmark

Skagerak is a family owned company in Denmark since 1976. They stand by producing responsibly and support sustainable wood sourcing. I am eyeing quite a few different items that I know would work so well in our apartment right now, but also would be classical purchases for our house in the future, like the Edge pot.

Favorite Designs: Miskito Lounge Chair and Edge pot

Friends Founders

Friends founder Scandinavian furniture brand

Shop: Friends Founders
Country: Sweden

Mix together a Swedish talented designer and a Danish designer with background in furniture and there we have the design due that founded Friends Founders. I am new to this duo found them through sourcing the internet (can’t recall which Scandinavian interior design blog recommended them). Even though they are new to me they are not new to the design world, having showed at fairs like Stockholm Furniture fair.

Favorite Designs: My Chair and La Lampe

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Domo Design

Scandinavian home brands

Shop: Domo Design
Country: Sweden

Domo design focuses on telling stories through steel through its craftsmanship that has its origin in south of Sweden. I particular like the clean lines and the different use of textures in their designs. Something else I really like is design ranges that has a clear focus on material choice which Domo Design for sure portrays. Mixing their clean steel pieces together with more rustic natural material would be a nice juxtaposition for my design taste.

Favorite Designs: The Domo table and Domo Storage

Interested to get inspired by Scandinavian interior design books? See my curated book list that I put together with some of the latest popular books that will get you in the right Scandinavian interior mood.

Iris Hantverk

Scandinavian home brands

Shop: Iris Hantverk
Country: Sweden

I have long been wanting to visit Iris Hantverk. The Swedish traditional craftsmanship of brush binding has a very natural appeal something that I enjoy mixing up with more starker materials. Don’t miss out checking their selection today for that Scandinavian craftsmanship look.

Favorite Designs: Fogg cactus and Sandwhich plate/egg cup

I hope you have enjoyed our updated list of some of our favorite designer brands that we one day hope to create a story within our home.

Scandinavian home brands

If you wish to learn more about the Scandi style then make sure to pop over to the guide we did on Scandinavian interior design. It is filled with tips and tricks on what to think of in regards of designing your home in this style and also some understanding of the philosophy and thinking behind the design style.

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