Scandi Small Living Apartment

Small living apartment kitchen

After seeing this apartment on the Swedish real estate site Entrance I couldn’t stop thinking of how cool (and cheaper) smaller apartment spaces can be. Who needs a proper living room when one can divide both the bedroom and living quarter with a nice looking black framed glass partition?

Like this the studio apartment is made into a 1 bedroom apartment with ample of space for both dancing in the living room and hosting a dinner party. All that is needed to make this space good for entertaining are some extra seating for the table or the possibility to extend the table if needed to be. While this might not be the ideal size for everyone it could easily work for couples who want to live in the big city and enjoy what is around them.

Small living apartment bedroom
Love how they added a reading lamp mounted on the wall to minimize the need for space.

Small living apartment livingroom
Adding an artistic design chair makes the seating arrangement more stylish and fun.

Small living apartment kitchen
Plenty of room is left for the living – kitchen and dining area, just how I like it.

Small living apartment kitchen
Using mounted wall lights gives the dining area a cozy feel.

By applying a soft looking stone material it gives the kitchen a modern but soft finish.



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Small living apartment kitchen
Adding a lower table creates storage but also ample space to style.

Small living apartment kitchen
Credit: Entrance



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