Fredagsmys: Swedish Interior

Scandinavian interior living roombrick wall

I am in love with this Swedish interior. Why? Two things – the brick walls and arched windows. It’s not often that I share Swedish interiors with brick – but folks they do exist (wink). Not everything with Swedish home decor is about bare white walls and square lines, like this Scandinavian bohemian interior. Well…it is still a bit rare to find stunning brick apartments like this which makes me really happy to share this with you today for our Fredagsmys.

The perfect Fredagsmys for a Swede is all about snuggling up in a comfortable interior setting. And this Interior gives me just that feeling – it is cozy yet still crisp looking which suits my need for a clean look. I am simply imagining hanging out here with a group of friends, some take-away and some board games.

If you are like me and into Scandinavian style but wish to understand a bit more what is behind this style. Plus and easy to grab guide on how to get this design then take a look at our Scandinavian interior design guide.

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Swedish interior apartment


Is a Swedish word for the concept of comfort and relaxation. It could be in your home, out in a restaurant or any other space. It has a different meaning to each Swede. It might involve the luxury of a glass of wine, candy, great food, company of your loved once, indulging in a book….. Well the imagination for what Fredagsmys means is endless and is all about ‘a feeling’.

Swedish interior apartment Swedish interior apartment

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Swedish interior apartment Swedish interior apartment Swedish interior apartment Swedish interior apartment Swedish interior apartment
Credit: Entrance Mäkleri


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