A Fusion Of Modern Technolgy and Crafts

Evelin Kasikov is a graphic designer that I’ve long been interested in. To me her work is perfection: it’s a fusion of modern technology and crafts. It’s applied always with care to detail and that extra little something.

Her latest project is actually a group project called ‘Ornamental’. It’s an exhibition “[…]of contemporary art inspired by pattern, decoration and repetition […]”. 

“My work is a series of 5 hand-stitched posters where I look at ornament as a mechanical repetitive process. It is a study of moiré patterns. Moiré effect occurs in print when halftone screens are superimposed at certain angles. These posters play with moiré as a visual phenomenon. Series of patterns are created by using halftone dots at different size, angle and spacing. These patterns are stitched using combinations of CMYK colours. Numbers from 01 to 05 in posters become visible from a distance.


Isn’t she brilliant? And oh what a talent. I love her design philosophy.

Her work sort of becomes a tactile experience as well as a visual one. And to me, this is something I do search for when it comes to art work. I would love to own a piece of her art one day. Infact I would design my home around her pieces. She is such a smart girl {!}

Below are sketches and stitchings in progress. It’s so refreshing to see not just the final product but also the progression of her work.

So what do you think? Is this something you would with joy display in your own home?

Make sure to check out her portfolio, I promise you don’t want to miss this talent. Also if you are around London the ‘Ornamental’ exhibition is taking place at Red Gate Gallery until 4th November.


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