Studio Of Candy Black

Candy Black is an interior-/graphic design company who clearly has an eye for style!

This company do more than interior and graphic; they are a multidisciplinary design firm and they do anything from interior to photography and branding.

I strongly think this is the way to go and one day I hope to be able to work in such a creative environment myself.

Credit Candy Black

How fabulous isn’t their studio? And their graphic identity is divine; simple, black and oh so right. Their web page is a craving at the moment.

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I’m ‘suffering’ from inspiration overload at the moment. Can you tell?

Check out their portfolio and blog for more information about them. And a big thanks to sfgirlbybay and Bri from designlovefest who reminded me about this space today.

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  • just love it! specially the "48 hours for miracles" hahaha really true when u work in a studio or adv agency! :)
    By the way, the blog is awesome!

  • Hey Carol

    haha yeah that 'saying' is fantastic! ;) I saw from your profile that you are in the ad business so guess you really know what it means :p

    Thank you so much. That really means tons to me :)

  • Grymt inspirerande blogg! Tack för titten, återkommer;-)

    Ha det gott!

  • Hej Noamaja

    Åh vad glad jag blir, roligt att du tycker det :D Tack för att du lämna en kommentar. Så trevligt att träffa nytt folk :)

    Läste att Noamaja är din dotters namn; vackert!

    Ha en trevlig kväll

  • I love this place! It somehow reminds me of a film noir scene brought to the modern days. Beautiful!
    Hope you get some sleep soon girl (if you haven't already-I get so confused with all those time zones), 4am is so cruel to study..

  • Hey Eleni!

    We would be two happy, creative girls in a space like this :D Seriously I would be smiling every Monday morning if I knew I was heading over to that office.

    Nice interpretation :)

    Yeah I know I was a little bit crazy this morning, but I'm dead tired this evening so off to bed now. :) I believe we are maybe 2 hours apart or so. I'm in Sweden at the moment :)

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