A Norwegian Mountain Cottage

  • Credit Sköna Hem   /Images borrowed by approval

How adorable and stylish isn’t this cottage? Everything feels homey and comfortable; just what a cottage should be. I’m really drawn to the subtle colors that blends in with the winter landscape. Oh yeah and the texture walls + that cute seating nook….what else?

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  • Charlotta: Wow I have always wanted to cross over to Norway and go to the mountains. So this design scheme is then common for cottages over there? That's…wow.

    Thanks for sharing your input on this. I always find it interesting to hear things like this. It makes it more real 🙂

  • Loved this place via Skona Hem!
    I used to live in Lillehammer which is just a short drive from Kvitfjell. Friends of mine have a cabin on this mountain – it's equally stunning as this one.

    Thanks for sharing

    x Charlotta

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