Thomas Hawk

In my editorial I composed and used an image from Thomas Hawk. An amazing photographer who is aiming to take 1,000,000 photos before he dies.

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His flickr portfolio is filled, and I do mean filled, with images.

  • Hey Thomas what a lovely surprise 🙂 We all are a huge fan of you. Thanks for checking :)) I am so waiting to have time to go through all your photos :p You do have a few 😉

  • Hey Anna, thanks so much for the kind words and for posting my photos!



  • Hey guys! Check out his portfolio. These images are nothing compared to what you can find there…..I am such a fan of him.

  • jag är helt förälskad i den fösta bilden på hunden. I love!

  • Hey Sweets!
    Guess what?! We are trying to plan a trip to Europe in March..I have 2 weeks off of work! :D. I will keep you updated as we research more. Miss you guys!!xx

  • Så fina bilder! 🙂 Gillar verkligen fotokonst. Det är så levande. 🙂

    Jag var inte på RUMs vimmel – vi bor i Lund och det är tyvärr lite svårt att ta sig till alla roliga events man blir bjuden till i huvudstaden. Annars hade jag mer än gärna gått. 🙂

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