A Home In Barcelona

Living and working in Barcelona is a dream of mine. There is something special with the pulse, food and way of living that gives me energy and motivates me.

Images borrowed from Dwell by approval

Well those dreams are simply dreams for now. What I can do is indulge and enjoy these images below of a home from Barcelona. Wow, the tiles and ceiling do it for me….when can I move in?

  • awsome apartment, love how they´ve taken in the secondhand and mixed it with the modern interior, lite the bathtub and the floor, pretty sweet, otherwise nice blog, maybe a little to much fashion for my 🙂

  • Whoa. It's been already mentioned but it needs to be mentioned again: I love your ceilings! It's high enough that it creates a grand appearance to your homes, not to mention the additional space that goes along with it. The white walls are a classy touch that accentuates the space and contemporary elements of your home. Nicely done!

  • This house really did inspire me to look into similar tiles. So beautiful ……Thanks for the feedback guys!

  • You are a very talented designer! The flooring could have easily overshadowed traditional furnishing. But the pieces you chose are simple and innovative. The ceiling adds the finishing touch to it.


  • Oh amazing house!
    We have apartments like those here in POrtugal, with the tiles, the amazing ceilings, big windows with wood protections, lots of rooms… Oh…

    It seems to me I have to go to dwell website:P

  • Hey Ulrika :))

    Yeah I hope so too, or Paris why not 😀 Lol I have the whole world on my map :p I would love owning only my books, pens, laptop some clothes and go traveling around the world. Living in different places and gaining experience, knowledge and inspiration for life.

    I bet I am not the only one dreaming about this :p

  • LOVE the ceilings and the tiles. Hope you and your boyfriend will end up in Barcelona one day! We dream of Paris. 🙂

    Happy Sunday,
    Hugs Ulrika

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