Finnish Designer Elisa Honkanen


Scandinavian design at its best or what do you say? Elisa Honkanen is a designer I had little awareness of until I visited Simone’s blog. Elisa Honkanen is a Finnish designer who worked for Pierro Lissoni in Milan. There she assisted on projects for big names like Cappellini, Cassina IXC, Glas, Knoll and Thonet.


Elisa now works for herself and focuses on producing lovely pieces where simplicity and practicality are two guiding words. This simplicity and straight to the point design is just what appealed me to her work. It feels honest in such way that you know what to expect because you are technically seeing all the components in front of you. Being a Scandinavian myself, I understand her design philosophy since we are brought up appreciating honest materials and where practicality and a “[…] practical lifestyle […]” (-Elisa) is reminded everywhere we turn.

Elisa Honkanen

Credit: Elisa Honkanen

If you are interested head over to her portfolio to read more about the ‘Purist‘ – and ‘Aito‘ chair showed here. Or why not stop by and visit her during Milano Design Week.



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