Friday Picks

Design Products

Design Products

It has been awhile since I did a Friday Picks post; so here we go. Here are some goodies I found and updated my database with.

[From left to right] 1. Do I need to say how much I love this ‘log‘ light from Elisa Honkanen. The nice juxtaposition of a birch log and aluminum sits well with me. 2. This ‘Moire Weiss‘ lamp from the Fundamental Shop has such a nice feminine touch to it. 3. ‘Harry Low‘ in natural oak from Massproductions is that type of stool I would not mind staring at. 4. Another stool, can one have too many of them? This one is from Massproductions as well and is called ‘Albert Stool 50‘.

Now I am so curios to hear which products you have seen out there? Maybe you can help me to add some in my product database.



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