Fredagsmys: Coming Home


Todays Fredagsmys and Friday Inspiration is all about sweet home. I mean even though I love to show hospitality spaces’ on Fridays here. There is something so magical about Fridays at home. You know that feeling of walking home after work; and all you can think of is a good movie and some tasty food in your own space? Away from the stress that the week generally brings. A perfect scenario for me would be all that and combined with a clean and organized space. Just imagine coming home to this neat home that Fantastic Frank has listed.

Fantastic Frank fantasticfrank01 fantasticfrank12

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Credit Fantastic Frank

What do you think? Is this one of those Fredagsmys scenarios that you can relate to?

Fredagsmys is a Swedish word for the concept of comfort and relaxation. It has a different meaning to each Swede. It might involve the luxury of a glass of wine, candy, great food, company of your loved once, indulging in a book….. Well the imagination for what Fredagsmys means is endless and is all about ‘a feeling’.



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