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Creative Home Via Design studio 210


When designing our home – the design process took a bit of a turn. Well to some extent I am following the ‘typical process’ from programming, to working out a good floor- and light plan followed by selecting materials; colours and textures. Supposedly products and small nick knacks are not addressed until later in the process. But it is these small objects whether functional or not, that have been on my mind months before anything else was done.


Dwell Dwell


To me plenty of inspiration comes from those small objects. They work as a way to reinforce the specific lifestyle, we have, and might want. I am thinking of board games, or containers filled with oatmeal or simply a stunning knife set. Well it might not be the proper schooled way for an interior designer to think. But then again creativity and inspiration has to come from somewhere starting a project, right?


DwellDwell Creative Home Via Design studio 210

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As I will be working with clients on their homes, I will encourage this type of thinking. This way, that art print that you want for your birthday will suit the design concept. Or the every day nick knacks that you tend to put on the counter-top or on the open shelves will not clash. In a way it is a reassurance that, when I as an interior designer step out of the clients home, will know that they are satisfied with the overall look now and in the future.

With this I am wishing you a nice Wednesday and if you are interested in reading more about design I can recommend this book and if you want, you can keep on reading about our interior design tips.



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