On The Wall: Nina Holma

Nina Holma

Nina Holma

Nina Holma is a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden who has an eye for composition. I stumbled upon her gorgeous photos while browsing through Noll Images. This is an online gallery where she sells some of her photographs. To tell the truth when I contacted her about sharing some of them here, I was in confusion as which photos to use. There are simply just too many that I like of hers!

Nina Holm Nina Holm

Nina mostly does fashion photography. In fact if you visit her portfolio she has an array of beautifully composed photos. In these type of photos it is important for her to translate a feeling of honesty and reality. The viewer should get the sense that there is no model, but instead a character that does exist. She clearly wants to steer away from a stagnant feeling. Even though her job mainly involves fashion, she also captures lots of photos through many of her travels. She defines these images as: “[…] it is my way of capture what I have seen and experienced, my souvenirs“.

Nina HolmNina Holm Nina Holm

Credit: Nina Holma

I can see all of these hanged in a space. As I am typing this post my mind is spinning with ideas. Ideas where the right spaces, materials and textures would meet these photos and create cohesive settings.


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