Silo Pendant Lamp-Note Design Studio

Caroline Broman
Silo Pendant Lamp

Silo Pendant Lamp

Note design studio presented this pendant lamp a month ago, called Silo. It is produced for Zero. The inspiration behind the lamp comes from the shape of a classical grain silo. The pendant in itself they describe it as “a minimalistic pendant with a distinct industrial character.”

Silo Pendant Lamp

Silo Pendant Lamp

It comes in these colourways: white, black, yellow and green. There is therefor plenty of difference and the same pendant might be used but in a different colour within the same project. Against a plain background it would somewhat create a graphical statement.

Silo Pendant Lam

Credit: Note Design Studio. Photo by Mathias Nero.

Not only am I a fan of Note design studio for some of their spaces, like this one I showed a while ago. But their product designs intrigue me as well.


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