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Decorating and designing should be a fun process. Here we have selected some of our favorite Sweet Home articles which perhaps gives you some inspiration for your next project.


Graphic Designer Therese Sennerholts Home Decorating with everyday objects Keeping a tidy clean interior Intrior design process

Let Your Home Be An Extension

Decorating With Everyday Objects

Keeping A Tidy And Clean Home

Interior Design Process


Designing A Creative Home How to Make small living work  Understanding A Homes Value Finding The Design Mood

Designing A Creative Home

Make Small Living Space Work

Understanding A Homes Value

Finding The Design Mood


Custom Made Furniture  Design Concept Selecting Quality Materials on A Budget Designing A Picture Perfect Home

Custom Made Furniture

Design Concept

Selecting Quality Materials

Designing A Picture Perfect Home



Design Tips & Tricks



Listen to what You need and want

Look in to your inner self and search what motivates you and what does not – scribble them down.


Document inspiring materials, spaces, plans and objects

Place them in a folder on your computer or use Pinterest.  Where possible also collect tactile objects which you can feel and experience.


Make mood boards and proper plans

Make mood boards with the samples and products you have collected in design tip 2. Also work on understanding the flow of the space you have. Create floor plans using paper and pen, or Sketchup. Hire a designer for the best result here or if budget is very constraint – a tips, showrooms have skilled design consultants who sometimes work out the floor plans for you. Also, visit a website like Apartment Therapy for more detailed design tips.


Budget the money

Put the money on objects and materials which you use on a daily basis for best quality matching your design budget. Get as many quotes as possible and try to negotiate a discount if you purchase a furniture package at a showroom.


Time management

Plan your time. Time is money like the old saying goes. Understand the different times each project within the home need. Shipping of goods, installation, delivery, setting of materials together with some extra time for any mistakes or workers who do not show up as promised, should be allocated for your design project to succeed in the time frames you set.

Do You Have A Design Tip To Share?

Share your design tips and tricks you have gained from your own projects, searching online or perhaps from studying design.

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