Sweet Home: Let Your Home Be An Extension Of Your Brand


Should a home be mixed with business? Why not! If you are a business owner, blogger, photographer, freelancer or simply have a brand of some sort, let your home be part of your brand. Friends and family who may visit your home could all well be potential clients. So it seems only logical to implement some of your brand’s vision into your own home. In a way it is like creating an extension of that mood board that you might have done prior to your brand’s building by visually expressing it into the decoration.

Therese Sennerholt's Home

The principle I would use to achieve this is basically the same I would use for when designing a creative home. Think about using decoration that resemble your brand’s vision and graphical identity. This could be through colours, materials, shapes and so on. Don’t worry, you don’t have to frame your business card or anything like that (even though in some spaces’ this could be cool too). Try to look away from the obvious things that remind you of your business, and look for the hidden, deeper messages that comes through.


Just take a look at Therese Sennerholt’s gorgeous and inspiring home which we are seeing here. The color scheme, elements and relaxed feel all resemble her business and graphical design work. Right? If you don’t know what I am talking about have a look at some of it here where I blogged about her art a few weeks ago…Ok now, do you see what I mean? Her style echos across her graphical work and the design of the interior. The link between them two creates a reassurance to old as new clients that she is confident in her business and style. It most surely also act as a motivation and inspiration for Therese’s own work.

Therese-Sennerholt-07 Therese-Sennerholt-09

Credit: Therese Sennerholt / Styling: Lotta Agaton / Photo: Kristofer Johnsson 

It is important for serenity that the ‘brand’ do not overtake the purpose of the home being just that sweet home. The key is to make sure that your brand and business is your passion; lifestyle and hobby. If not it would only be overwhelming to constantly be reminded of work!