On The Wall: Posters By Kristina Krogh

Kristina Krogh Graphical Prints

Kristina Krogh Graphical Prints

When I saw some of Kristina’s prints over at Weekday Carnival some weeks ago I had a sudden urge to contact her. And I am glad I did! Not only is she one of those cheerful and fun individuals whom I find inspiring and enjoy chatting to, but she also had some new ‘never shown on blogs before’ art that she was kind to share with us. So here they are! Different patterns of wood, stone and cork set in a thought out geometrical play. The sharp shapes gives the pieces a minimalistic feel even though the patterns are decorative. In fact she tells us that she has a passion for “[…] strong and geometric shapes […]” and that is all due to her background in graphic design. Oh, and regarding the patterns; I think I feel a strong connection to these pieces due to them being patterns which makes up some common interior materials.

“I’m fascinated by different natural materials and their surfaces which can either be cold, warm, soft, hard, heavy or light – I think the mix of these exclusive and cheap textural materials such as marble, ply, wood, cork and paper – is an interesting and unexpected combination that aren’t often put together.” -Kristina Krogh

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I am clearly fascinated by these pieces! And since I am curios by nature I asked Kristina where she finds inspiration for them. She said that she looks at anything from tiles, old parquet flooring to colour combinations she finds at one of the smaller stores Copenhagen has to offer. Oh and not to forget she draws plenty of inspiration from her bike rides through the Danish capital. Lovely! Is it ok to feel a bit jealous of that bike ride?

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Credit: Kristina Krogh

There is no doubt that Kristina knows what she is doing. Not only is her art current and would suit many of the interior space’s I dream of, but she also has a strong foundation in design through her education at Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark. She now works as a freelance graphic designer, artist and runs her webshop. If interested in these prints they will be released in the shop very soon. I am not aware of what they will sell for, but what I do know is that they are limited edition and every piece has Kristina’s lovely signature on it. Why don’t you head over to Kristina’s Facebook page and show her some love!


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