The Townhouse - Dwell | Design Studio 210

When reading through press materials from Norm Architects the other week I was reminded of the Swedish expression ‘to find beauty in everyday objects‘. Since I have been an expat for many years now I have forgotten that this actual is a typical Swedish saying. Well I might have forgotten its origin, but I do very often refer to it in regards of design, especially in residential design.

The Townhouse - Dwell | Design Studio 210 The Townhouse - Dwell | Design Studio 210

But what do we Swedes mean by finding beauty in everyday objects? Well basically it is to appreciate the form, colour, emotions amongst some in an object that is repeatedly used on a daily basis. A home that illustrates some of this, is this couples home in Sweden. For example take a look at their kitchen. Instead of concealing the pantry area they used a visible storage system where one can see the items which are daily used for cooking up a nice meal with. Also visible is the fruit bowl which gives it a pleasing and homey feel. The fruit also adds colour, texture as well as diversity, depending on which fruit one purchases.

The Townhouse - Dwell | Design Studio 210 The Townhouse - Dwell | Design Studio 210 The Townhouse - Dwell | Design Studio 210

Credit: Dwell / Photo – Mark Seleen

There are many benefits with designing a space and decorating it with objects that you actually use compared to static decorative objects. One major thing I think of firstly is cost. You will save money by limiting un-necessary decorative objects and replacing them with beautiful items which come useful. There is also the saved cost on hidden storage as this is normally needed if you do not want them to show. But like with everything else there has to be a fine balance. To not end up with a messy and cluttered look I prefer to keep the rest of the design elements rather clean-looking, like this couple did.

So what do you say, would you do like the Swedes and aim to show off your espresso cooker and your tea bags?