Earthy Toned Scandinavian Apartment

Scandinavian kitchen eating nook
Earthy tone Scandinavian interior

I am finding myself leaning more than normal towards earthy toned apartments. There is something so tranquil, simple and elegant about them. Not only are these kind of spaces pleasing to the eye, and look like most of the Scandinavian interior spaces I curate here, but they also give me this feeling of comfort, humbleness and belonging.

Earthy tone Scandinavian interior

Earthy Toned Home Elements

  • Use of linen fabrics
  • Natural subtle colors
  • Play with natural fibers
  • Plants and more plants
  • Other elements that reminds us of nature
  • Wood details
  • Shapes with imperfect curves and lines

Looking at the elements within this apartment I can identify the different elements they are using as listed below but to me the magic of this is not the singular elements listed but how they work together. The design company Designdeco have done a great job in making this a home not only for staging (this home is for sale if you are interested) but also a home that is inspiring to someone like myself who is looking for some inspiration.

Earthy tone Scandinavian interior


Earthy tone Scandinavian interior

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Earthy tone Scandinavian interior

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Earthy tone Scandinavian interior

Credit: Stadshem Photo: Jonas Berg Interior: Greydeco

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