Inspired By This

I’m feeling super inspired by this at the moment: Composition and angles {1}. One can have so much fun playing around with them. This image makes me happy, happy. Check out the rest, I promise You Shouldn’t Miss It! Hairstyles galore {2} I’m crazy about this simple, put together style. I actually do this a lot since my tiger always hides my hair ties. I didn’t know it looked so good from the back, hmmm but then again perhaps mine doesn’t hehe. Pattern. {3} Love! Material Lover! {4} I just want to touch this beautie. I love the color, and texture. And uh the clutch as a whole is just, perfect.  Color Scheme {5} This is my spring color palette. I want something like this in my future home, and I would wear it too…sort of.

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  • I love the pictures, so beautiful colors!
    Totally surprised by number 2!! That's what I do to style my hair!!!
    I can’t believe it looks that great!!!

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