I Could Study Here

Credit: Sköna Hem Photo by Johan Carlson

Having my morning coffee with half opened eyes. Excited about finishing up an essay today. All that’s on my mind at the moment is to get it done and office spaces. At the moment I’m curled up on the sofa; not very ergonomic ;) And i would much rather sit in a space like the one here. Heavenly creative!

What are you doing today?

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  • If I had a space like that .. I would take up study AND study there too.

    What am I doing today .. well, Monday has been and gone for us here. Looking forward to an early night as I was up late last night.

    Hope you have a great day today (-:

  • Hey Anne Caroline!
    Glad you took that essay off your back!
    Great space indeed! Office inspiration is the best inspiration to start off a new, busy week!!!

  • Oooh, dream space! If only mine was that tidy…maybe today I will be tidying my workspace….not easy with a one year old at my feet! Hope you are well :-)

  • Linda: Hey sweetie. Hope you have a great Tuesday! I agree with you, it's so much easier to be productive in a space that you are happy with. So, what would have studied :) ? Now I'm curios.

  • Hey girls!

    Thanks for your big support. I'm finally done, now I just need to proofread it. And then…take e a deep breath, blog, and then dig my head into the next one :)

    @Solidfrog @Eleni @Sofia @Kerry you girls have excellent taste :) Hope your Monday and Tuesday was great and productive.

    Oh @Kerry your task sounds way more complicated than mine :p


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