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Wow, I can’t believe it’s Monday again. The weeks are flying by.

I have had some fantastic weeks. I decided to take some time off. I must admit even how wonderful it is to take a break it’s lovely to be back in everyday mode. One positive thing with stepping back from the computer is that I had time to listen to my inner-self: what is me? Where am I at? Daunting and exciting questions at the same time.

As for the ‘Inspired By This’ I’m still into light spaces, with a hint of gray and warm tones. This checked flooring makes my week! It creates that wow factor and reality is that I probably will never forget this kitchen: it stands out {1}. I still have chalkboard fever. How long haven’t we seen this around blogs and magazines? Yet I still can’t get over it. To me, it feels so playful and energetic. {2}. Okay so, combine subway tiles with ethnic accessories and you’ll get my legs to shiver {3}. Love, love ceilings that speaks for themselves {4}. Orange!! Do I need to say more? {5}

Now to the fun thing, what inspires you at the moment?

Enjoy your Monday!


  • Adurie: Graziee 🙂 I am glad you like it and that you wanted to follow it. Looking forward to talk to you more.
    Have a good day

  • Annie: me too 🙂

    Tina: Tack så mycket. Roligt att det uppskattas. En fin vecka har jag verkligen haft, vilket härligt väder det har varit även fasst det vart iskallt.
    Hoppas din vecka har varit kanon.
    Många kramar och ha en fantastisk fredag

  • Jättefina inspirerande bilder!

    Ha en fin vecka…kram!

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